What our customers are saying...

"I had my first session today at Choices Fitness Studio, and I'm hooked! David took plenty of time to teach me how to use all the machines. He is very helpful, patient, and informative. He gave me as much or as little supervision as I wanted. The studio is immaculate and the machines are very expensive-looking. I'm really excited about such a reasonably-priced, conveniently located option for exercise in these crazy hot summer months. I wasn't able to finish his suggested workout today, but I know I'll get there in no time! He gave me lots of excellent suggestions to modify. Excellent experience all around."

Shannon Bales Morrison

"Amazing equipment and state of the art facility !! Guy who runs it (David Stone) is very helpful and super nice !!"

Danielle Dawn

"Best gym in town and an amazing place to work out. Staff is professional, friendly, and helpful."

Erica Beaty

"I just started going to this studio and I LOVE IT! David is easy to work with and really listens to what I want to get out of each workout!! He pushes me to work hard and set new goals each day!"

Amy Vernon-Mongillo

"I have been working out here for about 2 months. I am getting stronger and because of the small environment I am getting a lot of individual instruction. This has been helpful as I can be a bull in a china closet and working around weights can be a bad combination. David is very helpful and is good with instructions. The equipment is new, clean, orderly, and I enjoy going there. Worth checking out!"

Bonnie Thornton

"I love this place. I go with my daughter and we have a good time while getting a good sweat. David is wonderful to work with and very mindful and caring. This is a great solution for people who don't want the "big gym" experience."

Peggy, CenTex Printing

"I have been going to "Choices" about 2 months and I can tell a marked difference in my strength and endurance. David is helpful, enthusiastic and always willing to modify the activity to meet your ability or goal. The people are friendly and supportive. I love that this gym is so close to my work that I can run over and get a work out in mid-day! I also appreciate that it is never so crowded that you cannot get to the equipment! Definitely worth the price!"

Kacy Jarma

"When I walked into Choices Fitness Studio I immediately knew I had found what I had been looking for in a gym. The equipment is top-notch, the trainer is knowledgeable and I especially love the circuit board. It changes daily and is always challenging!"

Diana Breazeale

"What a great gym and owner! I’ve never stuck with working out before, but now that I have found a fantastic gym and trainer, I’m sticking with it! I’m always excited to go in each day and see what’s in store for the workout. With David’s help and direction, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and feel so much better physically & mentally! I love the small gym atmosphere."

Sarah Troy

"Choice Fitness Studio is a fabulous concept unlike any other around. It's a smaller semi-private gym with Owner David Stone as your personal trainer as needed. Choices is just that! You can choose to follow the daily circuit David lays out or freewheel your own session. The membership fee is more than reasonable and all of the equipment is state of the art! You will get everything you need at Choices Fitness Studio since there are so many "choices" Great job David! I happy to be a member."

Blane Walker

"Choices is a FUN Place to go for a great WORK OUT!! The people are all friendly and encouraging and the workouts are fun and challenging and creative. Never a Dull Moment!! David Stone is wonderful and very encouraging and challenging. He is careful to make sure that you are staying on track to your physical abilities and to keep you from being hurt or injuring yourself. You can work out at your own pace or do the suggested workout that is posted new every day. Come Join the FUN and GET FIT!!"

Esty Thornton